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TearScience Granted Patents on LipiView Medical Device

From TearScience, Inc. — 1/4/2012
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TearScience, Inc., a venture funded medical device company, announced it has been granted several patents on its LipiView Ocular Surface Interferometer medical device. The LipiView allows eye care physicians to assess the tear film of dry eye patients.  

The LipiView uses interferometric imaging to capture, manipulate, analyze, and store digital images of the tear film. TearScience’s patents (7,758,190; 7,988,294; and D614,774) cover the interferometric technology and product design required to measure the lipid layer thickness of the tear film and methods for acquiring the digital images.

“We are proud to have been granted these patents on the LipiView,” said Tim Willis, chief executive officer and co-founder of TearScience. “The patents validate the uniqueness of the LipiView technology and product while demonstrating TearScience’s inventive culture. LipiView is a significant advance in assessing the tear films of dry eye patients.”

TearScience’s technology platform is a complete system comprised of the LipiView and an evaporative dry eye treatment device, the LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation System. LipiFlow is designed to treat a primary cause of evaporative dry eye disease, obstructed meibomian glands. It uses precisely controlled heat and pressure applied to the eyelids to unblock obstructed meibomian glands during a 12-minute in-office procedure. The LipiFlow treatment allows the meibomian glands to resume their natural production of lipids needed for a healthy tear film.

TearScience has a host of patents pending on its LipiFlow technology. For a full list of TearScience’s patents, visit TearScience’s patent web page <http://www.tearscience.com/en/technology/patents> .


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