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Friday, February 09, 2018 | Cornea

Researchers Design a New Intracorneal Inlay to Correct Presbyopia

Researchers at the Universitat Politècnica de València, University of Valencia, Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria La Fe and the companies AJL Ophthalmic SA and Aiken-Tecnolog…

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Friday, February 02, 2018 | Cornea, Partnerships, SightLife Surgical

SightLife Surgical Joins Forces With Lions Eye Bank of Texas at Baylor College of Medicine

SightLife Surgical announced that it has entered a partnership with the Lions Eye Bank of Texas at Baylor College of Medicine (LEBT), allowing the Lions Eye Bank (LEBT) to continue to perfor…

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018 | Awards, Cornea

Cornea Society Honors Alan Sugar, MD, With the Prominent Castroviejo Medal

The Cornea Society has awarded its highest honor, the Castroviejo Medal, to Alan Sugar, MD, a professor of ophthalmology and visual sciences at the University of Michigan’s Kellogg Eye Center in…

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Friday, January 26, 2018 | Cornea, Medical Studies

Study Finds Genetic Link Between Thinner Corneas and Increased Risk of Glaucoma

Genetic studies in mice point to a protein called POU6F2, which can modulate corneal thickness, as a possible risk factor for glaucoma in humans, report Eldon Geisert of Emory University, and colleagu…

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Thursday, January 18, 2018 | Cornea

Michigan Medicine Offers Groundbreaking Surgery to Restore Eye Sensation

Michigan Medicine surgeons are helping patients who have lost sensation in their cornea regain feeling in their eye through a small-incision, nerve transplant procedure -- corneal neurotization surger…

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Saturday, November 11, 2017 | Cornea, Medical Studies

NIH Study Finds Donor Corneas Can be Safely Preserved for Longer Period

Results from a large, national clinical trial show that corneal donor tissue can be safely stored for 11 days without negatively impacting the success of transplantation surgery to restore vision in p…

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Friday, October 20, 2017 | Cornea, Medical Studies

Newcastle Scientists Eye-Up Cornea 'Breakthrough'

Artificial corneas have been grown using a new method described as "revolutionary." Scientists at Newcastle University have developed a process they say makes them fit better and offer bette…

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Friday, October 06, 2017 | Cornea

CorNeat Vision Completes the Design and Development Stage for Artificial Cornea

CorNeat Vision, an Israeli ophthalmic medical devices startup, announced it has completed the design and development stage of its revolutionary cornea implant (CorNeat KPro/Keratoprosthesis), an assoc…

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Wednesday, August 02, 2017 | Cornea, Medical Studies

Study: Stem Cells May Help Aid Corneal Wound Healing

A new study has found the use and transplantation of stem cells in corneal wound healing to improve the healing process and benefit patients, researchers report. Researchers at Cedars Sinai Medical…

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Friday, June 16, 2017 | Awards, Cornea

$1.9 Million NIH Grant to Wayne State to Develop Novel Therapy for Corneal Bacterial Infection

Wayne State University recently received a 5-year, $1.925 million grant from the National Eye Institute of the National Institutes of Health to test the role of microRNAs (miRNAs) -- a newly recognize…

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Monday, April 17, 2017 | Cornea, Medical Studies

Stanford Lab Grows Cornea Cells for Transplant

A Stanford research team has created a potentially powerful new way to fix damaged corneas -- a major source of vision problems and blindness. Millions of new eye cells are being grown in a Palo Alt…

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Friday, March 10, 2017 | Cornea, Medical Studies

Stem Cell Treatment May Restore Vision to Patients With Damaged Corneas

Researchers working as part of the University of Georgia's Regenerative Bioscience Center have developed a new way to identify and sort stem cells that may one day allow clinicians to restore visi…

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017 | Cornea

Vision Share Partner Delivers First Prepared Tissue for PDEK Corneal Transplant

Vision Share announced that Ahad Mahootchi, MD, Medical Director of The Eye Clinic of Florida Same Day Surgery Center in Zephyrhills, has performed the first pre-Descemet's endothelial keratoplast…

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016 | Cornea, Medical Studies, American Academy of Ophthalmology

Alternative to Corneal Transplantation May Improve Outcomes in People with Keratoconus

An innovative procedure may improve outcomes in people with keratoconus, suggest 5-year results from a study presented at AAO. Transplantation of one layer of the cornea may help people with keratocon…

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Monday, June 20, 2016 | Cornea, Patents

Eurobio Announces New European and American Corneal Graft Patents

Eurobio announced the attainment of European and American patents for its i-Glide device for the handling and storage of corneal lamellar grafts. The patents are co-owned with the Venice Eye-Bank (FBO…

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