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EyewireTV — Valeant/Pershing Square SEC Probe, Lucentis Trial Results, Retina Implants Data

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In this week's EyewireTV, the US Securities and Exchange Commission reportedly launches a civil probe into Valeant and Pershing Square’s joint takeover attempt for Allergan; and a phase 4 clinical trial, called the SHORE study, reveals that monthly and as-needed dosing of ranibizumab (Lucentis) for macular edema due to CRVO or BRVO result in similar visual acuity gains. Also, two presentations at the American Society of Retina Specialists meeting in San Diego show the benefits of retina implants for patients with retinitis pigmentosa.

Mood, Cognitive Ability, and Sleep Patterns in Patients With Alzheimer Disease Improved After Cataract Surgery

From EyewireToday.com

Patients with mild Alzheimer disease whose vision improved after cataract surgery also experienced improvements in cognitive ability, mood, sleep patterns, and other behaviors, according to a study presented by Brigitte Girard, MD, at the AAO annual meeting in Orlando.[1] The results were also reported in an AAO news release.The study, conducted by...

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Friday, August 22, 2014

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Glaucoma Drug Eyed as Novel Diabetes Treatment 'Archetype'

From Medscape Ophthalmology — 8/22/2014

An old glaucoma drug could present a new avenue for treating type 2 diabetes and related conditions, a proof-of-concept study suggests. Methazolamide,...Full story

New Diagnostic Test for ADHD Tracks Involuntary Eye Movement...

From Medical News Today — 8/22/2014

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is the most commonly diagnosed - and misdiagnosed - behavioral disorder in children in America, accord...Full story

Cholecystokinin Octapeptide Antagonizes Apoptosis in Retinal...

From Medical News Today — 8/22/2014

Oxidative stress may cause retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) cell apoptosis. Nitric oxide and superoxide react to produce peroxynitrite, which, along w...Full story

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Study: DNA Test for Congenital Cataracts Leads to Faster, Mo...

From American Academy of Ophthalmology — 8/21/2014

Researchers in the United Kingdom have demonstrated that advanced DNA testing for congenital cataracts can quickly and accurately diagnose a number of...Full story

Could Buying Salix Get Valeant off of Allergan's Scent?

From Fierce Biotech — 8/21/2014

Allergan, working to fend off a hostile approach from Valeant Pharmaceuticals, is reportedly taking a look at the smaller Salix Pharmaceuticals, weigh...Full story

VA Moves to Increase Vets' Access

From Medpage Today — 8/21/2014

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) says it has started moving ahead with its efforts to improve healthcare for veterans, starting with increasing...Full story

Eye Test May Diagnose ADHD, Predict Treatment Response

From Medscape Ophthalmology — 8/21/2014

A simple test examining involuntary eye movements may provide an objective way to tell whether individuals have attention-deficit/hyperactive disorder...Full story

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

NovaBay Announces Results of NVC-422 Phase 2 for Viral Conju...

From NovaBay Pharmaceuticals Inc. — 8/20/2014

NovaBay Pharmaceuticals announced today that its NVC-422 ophthalmic formulation did not meet the primary or secondary endpoints in a phase 2 clinical ...Full story

WSJ: Allergan Contacted Salix Pharmaceuticals About Possible...

From Eyewiretoday.com — 8/20/2014

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Allergan has approached Salix Pharmaceuticals about a potential acquisition that could thwart the $5...Full story

WellPoint to Change Its Corporate Name to Anthem

From VisionMonday — 8/20/2014

Health insurance company, WellPoint Inc. announced plans last week to change its corporate name to Anthem, Inc. WellPoint serves more than 37 million ...Full story

Optometrists Notice Increase in Young People Suffering From ...

From Medical News Today — 8/20/2014

The number of young people who are being diagnosed with serious eye conditions is thought to be growing, according to a survey of Optometrists release...Full story

Apologize-and-Pay Laws Don't Keep Docs Out of Data Bank

From Medscape Ophthalmology — 8/20/2014

Physicians who avoid the meat grinder of litigation when their insurers pay malpractice plaintiffs out of court under state "disclosure, apology and o...Full story

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Diabetic Vision Loss: Screening Key, Blacks at Greatest Risk

From Medscape Ophthalmology — 8/19/2014

One in 25 US adults with diabetes aged 40 or older has diabetic macular edema (DME), according to a new study sponsored by Genentech/Roche and publish...Full story

Allergan Names Jim Hindman Chief Financial Officer, Replacin...

From Allergan — 8/19/2014

Allergan announced that Jim Hindman has been named executive vice president, finance and business development, chief financial officer, effective imme...Full story

Surprising Research Results Could Lead to New Ways to Help t...

From Medical News Today — 8/19/2014

Visual impairment comes in many forms, and it's on the rise in America. A University of Cincinnati experiment aimed at this diverse and growing popula...Full story

Monday, August 18, 2014

Tearscience Expands North American Sales Force

From TearScience Inc. — 8/18/2014

TearScience announced a 20% expansion of its sales force in North America, according to a company news release. The company will be adding a...Full story

Intelligence As We Age Linked to Spotting Things Quickly

From Medical News Today — 8/18/2014

Varying speeds of information processing have often been used to explain why people have differences in intelligence and cognition as they age. Now, r...Full story

Lower Risk of Very High Myopia With Bevacizumab for Retinopa...

From Medscape Ophthalmology — 8/18/2014

Very high myopia is less likely when retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) is treated with bevacizumab instead of conventional lasers, according to results...Full story

Valeant Extends Tender Offer for Allergan Until Year End

From Bloomberg — 8/18/2014

Valeant said it extended its offer to purchase Allergan until the end of the year, after an initial deadline for its tender offer was scheduled to exp...Full story

CooperVision to Launch E-commerce Service for Contact Lens O...

From VisionMonday — 8/18/2014

CooperVision is unveiling an e-commerce service designed to help independent eyecare practitioners build their contact lens business and provide patie...Full story


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