Forus Health Announces FDA Clearance and Launch of ROP Screening Camera 3nethra NEO

Source: Forus Health

Monday, August 21, 2017 | FDA Approval/Clearance , Product Releases

After receiving FDA clearance, Forus Health announced the US launch of its retinopathy of prematurity imaging platform 3nethra NEO.

The 3nethra NEO device is a wide field retinal imaging digital camera that captures, stores, and transmits images of an infant’s retina to aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases and disorders. The device provides a 120-degree view, enabling doctors to make an informed diagnosis. The 3nethra neo also has a video mode imaging capability that enables the device to convert videos into images.

“3nethra NEO is a result of our continued efforts in building affordable and state of the art imaging solutions for eye care," K. Chandrasekhar, Founder & CEO of Forus Health, said in a company news release. "Our collaboration with pediatric ophthalmologists and their institutions from around the world has helped us realize our dream of effectively building products and solutions to prevent ROP blindness in pre-term babies”.

Forus Health said the 3nethra NEO is the most affordable ROP imaging device in the world, selling for about one third of its nearest competitor. Forus Health, which was founded in India in 2010, has 4 design patents for the product.

"Our multinational team designed the system to get optimal image field of view and image fidelity while keeping the device weight down. These were directly influenced by extensive clinical input we gathered while iterating on the optics and system design," Arun Krishnan, chief technology officer, said in the news release. "Patient and operator comfort is enhanced by the ergonomic grip, light weight, and the ability to quickly take high resolution videos and images."

“We here in the US are very excited to join our international colleagues in being able to provide this high technology at an affordable price for the betterment of patients, doctors, their staff and institutions," Cliff wright, OD, Executive Vice President for North America, said in the news release.


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