ProtoKinetix Completes First Year of Trials on Retinal Replacement Therapy Using AAGP

Source: ProtoKinetix

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 | Retina

ProtoKinetix announced that it has completed the first year of retinal replacement therapy trials on animals and the results are encouraging enough to proceed to a second phase of testing.

The study conducted by the Gregory-Evans Retinal Therapeutic Lab at the University of British Columbia compared the results of transplanted retinal precursor cells with and without the addition of AAGP. The cells treated with AAGP showed an improvement on cell survivability and viability compared to the untreated cells. Ongoing testing is now being conducted to determine if these transplanted cells are fully functioning.

The results of these tests have serious implications for the treatment of other diseases that may benefit from stem cell transplant such as spinal cord injury and the repair of brain damage from stroke. The company will be exploring the potential of these protocols and procedures using AAGP on brain damage caused by ischemic stroke in the coming months.


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