TearScience North American Sales Grew 35% in 2015

Source: TearScience

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 | Earnings & Financials , TearScience

TearScience has announced 35% sales growth year over year. The number of practices purchasing the company’s diagnostic and treatment for meibomian gland disease (MGD) and dry eye doubled in 2015 while the number of patients treated increased 60%, according to a company news release. Since Joseph Boorady’s appointment as chief executive officer, TearScience has executed a strategy of practice and patient accessibility. In 2015 the company launched Dynamic Meibomian Imaging (DMI) to improve understanding of the disease and responded to input from eye care professionals and patients by making revisions to the cost of capital and disposable activators for patient treatments.

“LipiFlow and LipiView are breakthrough technologies for a previously unmet need. Adding Dynamic Meibomian Imaging and aligning key elements of the business model to the market have led to the results we were able to post in 2015. Those changes have set the stage for even greater results in 2016 and beyond,” Dr. Boorady said in the news release.

In a recent review of 31 sponsored and unsponsored peer-reviewed reports, a single LipiFlow treatment was shown to improve mean meibomian gland secretions, critical to stability of the tear film, while reducing patient reported symptom scores over sustained periods, according to TearScience.



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